India Poker Championship

24-28 February 2016, Deltin Royale Poker Lounge, Panaji, Goa


Welcome to India’s biggest and most popular tournament poker event! We are delighted that you have chosen to play in the IPC with some of India’s best poker players. Taking place in the biggest and most luxurious poker room in the country, the Deltin Royale Poker room onboard Casino Deltin Royale in Goa’s capital of Panaji (Panjim). Goa is one of India’s most popular beach destinations so when you’re not having a great time at the tables, you can take off to soak in some sun and sand at the beautiful beaches in this sunny state.


Dabolim airport in Goa is short flight away from most major Indian cities. Panaji is about a 45 minute drive from the airport with plentry of cabs available at the airport to take you into the capital city. Taxi fares will range from 800-1000 approximately depending on the type of vehicle you choose and also if its AC or non-AC.


Where and when will the India Poker Championship (IPC) be held? The India Poker Championship is a bi-monthly event that takes place in Goa, India. Please find more information about the upcoming event at this link HERE.

What are the buy-ins for the tournaments? The IPC has a total of 5 events. Buyins range from 10,000 to 60,000. All amounts are in Indian Rupees.

What are the pay-outs in these tournaments? Payouts will at 80% of the prize-pool. The remaining 20% goes towards deductions. This may differ in the case of Highroller events which will carry a deduction of between 25-20%. Kindly check with the IPC Crew at the venue for the most updated information.

Are there any other deductions? As mandated by law, any winnings over INR 10,000 must be taxed at 30.9% which goes towards Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). However this amount will be borne entirely by the IPC. Players who win amounts over INR 10,000 are required to submit documentation like ID and address proof along with Permanent Account Number (PAN) card (for Indian citizens) information in order to receive their TDS certificate.

What game type in the tournaments? All tournaments at the IPC will only feature Texas No Limit Hold ‘em although some editions may have an PLO event. Please check HERE for event info.

What is the minimum age to enter the casino? You must be 21 years or over.

Do I require to carry any identification? It is advised to carry ID and PAN card (for Indian citizens) to facilitate TDS certificate. Age proof docmentation is also recommended for those players who may look on the younger side just as a precaution.

What is the maximum number of players in each event? We have a total of 240+ seats and alternates will be allowed till the end of the 4th level. Please note, in freezeout events, those players who are eliminated cannot buy back in. All tournaments in the IPC are Freezeouts unless otherwise specified.

What is the process to join and play the tournament? When you come to the jetty point, please head to the Registration desk where you can pay INR 3,000 as Poker Entry fee. A receipt for the same can be shown inside the tournament area’s poker desk along with the balance of your buyin after which they will then assign you a seat into the tournament. If you play any satellites prior to the tournament, then seat can be claimed at the same desk inside the tournament area.

What is a Satellite? Can I only come to play the satellite? A satellite is a cheap way to get into the night’s featured event. For instance if the featured event of the evening at 8:30pm is the 5k Freezeout then at 6:00pm a satellite with a buy-in of 650 will be held where one seat for every nine players will be paid out. For any odd numbers, the balance amount will be paid out to the second place finisher. Satellites are for the benefit of players who anyway intend to play the featured event of the night hence we take the buy-in upfront at the jetty point. If you wish to play only the satellite, you will be required to pay the casino entry fee at the jetty point.

Is it possible to reserve seats? Seats are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

How can a player pre-pay for a seat to any of the events? Please send a mail to for additional information in this regard.

How can a player verify if his registration has been received? All registrations received must be accompanied by a valid email address. Upon receiving your registration, you will receive a confirmation mail within 72 hours regarding the same. We advise checking your Spam/Junk mail folder as some mail boxes tend to divert there occasionally. Please note all seats in all tournaments are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Can registered players waive their rights to their seats in favour of somebody else? Yes only if you have pre-paid for your seat. If you have won a satellite seat, it will not be possible.

Do I still need to pre-register online even though I only intend to play the satellites? There is no compulsion to register.  Pre-registration does not guarantee you a seat.

Can a player pay for his buy-in using a credit card at the venue? The casino will accept debit and credit cards for all banks except for Citibank and Amex. There is also an ATM onboard for those who wish to withdraw cash.

What will happen if a paid participant comes in late? The player will retain his seat but play will continue. Blinds will be posted in the player’s absence.

Can eliminated players re-enter the tournament by re-registering and purchasing the stipulated buy-in? No, all featured tournaments in the India Poker Championship are Freezeouts unless otherwise specified.The only re-entry events are the Mega Satellite (Wed) and the Headhunter (Sun). Please check schedule of events HERE.

Anything apart from the featured tournaments and Mega Satellite? There will also be Turbo satellites at 6:00pm prior to each evening’s featured event. Along with this, basis player demand, there will also be One Hand Satellites.Schedules are subject to change. Please check the latest event schedule HERE.

Do you provide hotel or flight deals for players? We do have player rates for some of our hotel tie-ups which can be seen HERE. We do not do flight booking. Our team would be glad to assist you with suggestions for hotels which are located close to the casino. Please email your query to

Can a foreign player exchange currency inside the casino? Yes, the casino offers a much better rate of exchange than the airport. Please carry documentation like passport in order to facilitate currency exchange within the casino.

Is there a dress code for the tournament? Smart casual is the dress code within the casino. Singlet vests (ganjis), shorts, open toed footwear (chappals) and track pants are not allowed. If you are susceptible to cold, it is advised to carry a light jacket.

How do I get to the casino? Casino Deltin Royale, our host casino, is a floating casino located on the Mandovi River. To get here, you need to come to Panjim jetty which is located in Panjim, Central Goa or via the Reis Magos jetty (RMJ) if you are staying on the Nerul side. All cab drivers are aware of both jettys; you can mention Casino Deltin Royale to them directly and they will drop directly outside the DR pickup point at the jetty. A feeder boat will take you from the pickup point to the ship which is a mere five minutes upriver.

I have a query which is not listed here. Please direct your query to or call +91-9920803125.