News Spartan Poker launches bumper ‘Royalty’ program this April By India Poker Championship | 31st March, 2019

Spartan Poker is one of the leading online poker portals in the country and keeping true to its roots of being an innovative brand, it comes as no surprise that Spartan has launched a massive player rewards program at the start of the summer. Kicking off from 31st March, Spartan Poker’s Royalty program promises rich rewards for participating players in terms of two weekly leaderboards for cashback and some mind-blowing prizes. Dubbed as the Royalty Cash Rewards and Royalty Treasure Rewards respectively, the more points players earn, the higher are the levels of prizes they can attain.

Let’s a take a look at both sides to this new Spartan Royalty program:-

Royalty Cash – Earn upto 60% cashback every week!

The Royalty Cash Rewards program is going to delight cash game grinders because one can earn from a minimum 20% to a massive 60% cashback by participating in cash games at Spartan. And what’s more, you get paid out with your cashback earned every week! That’s right, qualifying players will be paid out every week in Real Cash!

Cashing out can begin by earning a mere 30 Cash points (in the 20% cashback slab) which will net you INR 120 in Real Cash. At the top of the pile, earning 70,000 Cash points (in the 60% cashback slab) means a monstrous INR 8.4 Lakhs going to your account in Real Cash! The percentage of your Royalty level increases based on the cash points you have generated over the week. So, the more you play, the more you win. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? For participating in Royalty Cash use the code “CASH

Now that’s an incredible amount to be rewarded for your playing efforts. And as mentioned before, these cashback amounts will hit your account on a weekly basis i.e. every Sunday morning at 6:00 am.

Royalty Treasure – Win a Jaguar F-Pace luxury automobile!

For those players who are keen to win some of the most fabulous prizes on offer, Spartan welcomes you to its Treasure Rewards program. There are plenty of giveaways in this second segment of the Royalty Rewards program which offers qualifying players prizes from tournament tickets to some of Spartan’s top tournaments to trips to the world’s poker capital Las Vegas and you could even find yourself driving away a beautiful Jaguar F-Pace automobile!

Like the Cash rewards, the Treasure program too features several levels (40 Levels in fact) where players can earn prizes starting at a mere 10 VIP points collected. The initial VIP levels give away prizes in the form of Bonus money, tournament tickets and of course Real Cash too. The mid levels get you prizes like smart watches, high-end mobile phones, big screen TVs and holiday packages to destinations like Australia, Spain and Philippines. But like in tournament poker, the real juice is in the top VIP levels where qualifying players can win poker packages to Las Vegas and Monte Carlo or even take your partner or friend on a fantastic luxury trip for two to the USA. The biggest grinders who end up in the upper echelons of the VIP levels can win 30 Lakhs (Real Cash+Bonus Money) or a spanking new Mercedes or Audi. We’ve seen it happen before on multiple occasions at Spartan where players have managed to score the highest number of points and in this case, that player would end riding the power of 177 horses via the magnificent Jaguar F-Pace luxury automobile which is headed the way of any player who reaches VIP Level 40.

Again it goes without saying, the more you play, the more points you score, the rewards you win! For participating in Royalty Treasure use the code “TREASURE

Things to keep in mind

The Royalty program is a fantastic one for players whether they choose to opt for Cash or Treasures or even both but that’s the key, you need to opt in. Here’s a quick look at some of the key points for this Rewards program at Spartan:-

  1. You MUST opt in using the code specific to the Rewards program you like i.e. ‘CASH‘ for the cashback program or ‘TREASURE‘ for the prizes program.
  2. You can participate in both programs but not at the same time. You will need to use the above-mentioned codes to switch between programs.
  3. Players can switch between the Treasure and Cash Programs any time without any restrictions or loss of points.
  4. For the full list of cashback levels, rewards and T&Cs on Spartan Cash Rewards, visit this LINK.
  5. For the full list of VIP levels, prizes and T&Cs on Spartan Treasure Rewards, visit this LINK.

For any queries, email Spartan customer support at

From winning cold, hard cash to foreign trips to luxury automobiles like Mercedes and Jaguar, the Spartan Royalty program has a ton of exciting rewards in store for its players this April. So hurry and sign-up for your free account at Spartan Poker today and take part in India’s biggest rewards program!

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